About Us

This Blog is designed to cater to the needs of Dot net beginners & enthusiasts to learn some of the important concepts in Dot Net using CSharp. This blog will also be covering some of the important computer science concepts which should be understood by Software Developers.

I am a Computer Programming Enthusiast working as a Full Stack Software Engineer for an MNC. I primarily work on .NET technologies, Angular, etc. but I also love to learn new technologies. Based on my experience as a Software Engineer over the years, I have come across different frameworks and techniques. I am spending my free time contributing here explaining all these technologies to beginners so they will get a clear understanding of these frameworks and technologies.

I am doing a lot of research on the topic before I publish it here. I also do POC if the post involves code snippets, functions, framework, etc. If you find any incorrect information, suggestions, or any shortcomings in the post, you can always share your opinions, suggestions, or changes in the comments section or you can mail me directly to “[email protected]“. Also before you put comments please use non-derogatory words.

I believe in learning things by researching, sharing, and engaging with readers. I love to work on interesting problems related to computer science. I feel happy when information shared by me on this blog helps many people and that makes my day!

Thanks A Lot!

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